Our fantastic activities are divided into different topics to guide you through the multi-faceted world of soils, their properties and the organisms that reside in them. All activities are available as PDFs and webpages.

Water + Soils

In this section the activities explore the relationship between water and soils, without getting into the depth of hydrology. Activities include field holding capacity demonstrations, examining run off of rain water upon various states of ground and the nutrients that may be present in the soils.


These activities explore the relationships between the chemical properties of soil and the organisms that inhabit them.

Soils + Plants

A selection of activity plans that explore the relationship of plants with their below ground environment. The critical two-way relationship that is the interaction between roots, soil particles and other organisms/substances that reside or pas through the soil.

Soil Organisms

Beneath our feet, in the soil that we grow our food in and filter drinking water through is a tiny eco-system as complex as any above ground. These activities give guidance on how to explore the minute work of mesofauna, see the evidence of microscopic organisms and the nutrient cycles they form part of.

Darwin’s Worms

Earthworms are the creatures most associated with soils, it is thanks to Darwin’s work and experimentation that we fully understand their ecology and roles within our soils. This series of activities guides you through the process of extracting our most famous soil macrofauna species, identifying to ecological zone of activity and making the same experiments...